All Excited About ICT Integration!

So I’ve checked off at least two to three of my Goals for this year. One of them is to become a Google Certified Educator Level 2! I passed the not-so-easy test after the second attempt. I took the test at around midnight and was very nervous after failing the first time. Next step is to be a Google Certified Trainer!!!

Meanwhile, I plan to implement what I’ve learnt from all the valuable training and conferences which I’ve attended throughout these past 3 years. 

One of the plans is to create a blog (like this one!) and a site dedicated to ICT lesson integration to curate all the great resources and wonderful ideas from here and there. 
It will also be a mode of sharing ideas with the like-minded educators who are striving to improve their teaching and learning through technology.
So watch for this space and let’s embark on a very exciting journey of the 21st-century learning!!!

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