Start simple, one at a time.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the waves of apps flooding the market nowadays. Applications, one after another offer just about anything to make our daily, somewhat mundane tasks easier. Some claim to be the ‘life-saver’ or  the ‘you-can’t-live-without’ in your life which is true at least for a small fraction of it.

When I was first introduced or shall I say ‘sold’ into the world of apps for Education, especially Google Apps for Education (GAFE), I was exactly like a kid in a candy shop; spoiled with arrays of choice, driven to a point of not knowing which to choose from or to start with. There were just too many apps springing out almost every day, each with its own features and speciality. 

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Google Play store is my kind of Candy store.

Coming to my senses, I started filtering apps (both for classroom or personal usage) by its purpose and practicality along with other essential factors such as resources, technical support, audience’s needs and ability level. I’m quite lucky to be working in a school which supports ICT integration in most area enabling us to have a good amount of exposure to the wonderful world of ICT. 

I’m teaching fourth graders who have just started using their school Gmail and to some extent, Google Docs or even Google Slides. Therefore, it’s only fair to start with a simple app which is readily available to everyone, easy to use and most importantly one that would enhance their learning in a long run.    

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the app coming your way, take a deep breath and ask yourself how is this relevant to me? What improvement does it bring?Remember! start simple, one at a time.

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