Online Hangman for Spelling Lesson

This week’s article deviates from my usual Google apps related posts. I will be featuring online game called Hangman to “gamify” your lesson and to make it more interesting for the students.

There are plenty of choices of hangman online out there but I love this version, You can just start playing from the topic options available, or you can create your own words list.

How to customize your own hangman words list?

1. Go to
2. Click on the Create word list option.
3. Choose to add several words and import from your already created list or spreadsheet and save.
4. Once loaded you will be presented with a play code and an edit code. Save these codes for future usage.
You can share the play code with your students and the edit code with your colleagues who teach the same level or lesson as yourself.

I’ve also included a video tutorial link for this. Enjoy playing Hangman!

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