Rubric Grading using Goobric and Doctopus in Google Classroom

This week’s add-ons special will be featuring not one, but two add-ons that can do magic! They are Goobric and Doctopus! These add-ons enable grading directly via Google Classroom, using a rubric which is attachable to the assigned document.  There are also options for self/peer assessment and send assessment feedback via student’s email. Check out my youtube tutorial to learn more about Rubric Grading using Goobric and Doctopus.

Click the link below for more samples:

Assignment Example (Copy of Year 4 AFL Term 2, 2018) 

Sample Rubric (Rubric must be in a spreadsheet form)

Attached Online Rubric on a student’s assignment

I am planning to introduce this process to my colleagues for our next assessment for learning (AfL) in Term 3. These add-ons will not only reduce time spent on manually writing and then copying feedbacks from one form to another but it also serves as an organised as well as a more comprehensive record of student’s work. Give it a go and have an awesome weekend!

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