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I’ve shared this slide presentation before and I’m sharing it again as I’ve recently updated its content.
Take a look at my top 4 favourite formative assessment tools for online learning. These tools are what I call the ‘life-savers’ or the ‘MVPs’ of remote or distance learning. 

1) PearDeck

It’s definitely the most used tool during remote learning as it helped engage my students with a variety of interactive activities such as mind-map brainstorming, matching, fill-in-the-blanks and multiple choices quizzes.  

2) BookWidget

A wonderful tool any teacher could ask for! A wide variety of templates (called widgets) to choose from; online quiz, worksheet, image annotation, puzzles, word search, pair-matching etc which automatically grades and integrates with Google Classroom.  

3) Flipgrid

Another awesome tool that amplifies student’s voice! It provides a suitable platform for your learners to communicate their ideas or knowledge through audio or video and be heard by their teachers, peers or a wider community. It is constantly updating its features to match the needs of ever-evolving online learning. 

4) Jamboard or Padlet

A live collaborative whiteboard tool that really helps in my online teaching and learning. It gave me a quick glance at what they already know on a certain topic and provides a platform to share and discuss ideas in real-time. 
So, what’s yours? What are your ‘go-to’ online tools that you swear by? How did it help you with your teaching and most importantly, how did it support your learners in their learning?
Online Formative Assessment Slide Presentation
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