What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a simple, free and accessible video discussion website for learners, communities or families. For classroom use, teachers can create “grids” that act like a message board where questions called “topics” can be posted. This is then shared with students, who can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display. Each grid can hold an unlimited number of topics and each topic can hold an unlimited number of responses.

Why Use Flipgrid?

Flipgrid can help promote the 5C’s namely Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity and Digital Citizenship. With each video creation, students consider how they are perceived, the content of what they have shared, and are given opportunities to make changes in response to feedback. Through this process, Flipgrid helps students become stronger communicators and involved digital citizens.

Flipgrid is a safe space where creativity is encouraged so that they can develop confidence with continued use of Flipgrid. With the ability to add rich media, students are encouraged to be more creative and expressive. By adding emoji, text, stickers, filters and frames, students can engage with class content as they might interact with friends using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

One of the best things about Flipgrid is the ability to interact using video, such as face-to-face in the real world, but without the pressure of a live classroom. Since students are given the space and time to respond when they’re ready, it helps even the anxious students who might usually feel left out in class to engage in the lesson content. For the camera-shy, they can opt for the “Mic only” option to record their voice. This feature can greatly help students feel less anxious and more empowered to express themselves openly, engaging more deeply with the task. Eventually, that should result in deeper learning and better content recall.

Another thing is, Flipgrid integrates well with Google ClassroomMicrosoft Teams, and Remind making it easier for teachers to utilise it in the current virtual or hybrid learning setup.

Features Highlight and Ideas on How to Use it in Classroom

To fully immerse into the dynamic Flipgrid experience, please click on the Flipgrid topic link to view a collection of Flipgrid demos for teachers highlighting some cool features or ideas that can be used in the classroom. Feel free to leave a video or text comment if you like the feature/s demonstrated in the video. Please take note that any video responses or comments are moderated and will only appear once approved. You are also welcome to share with us your ideas on how to use Flipgrid in your classroom by adding your own response. Please enter the group join code: Techfulofprimary. You can also view the demos put together in this Youtube playlist.

Highlighted features and ideas include:

  1. Group and Topic can be text-based or include a resource such as an image, video, Giphy,
    emoji, or attachment.
  2. Customisable security settings help student privacy.
  3. Students can respond via the Flipgrid app or website with any camera-enabled device or by
    uploading a previously recorded video. Responses can be 15 seconds to five minutes, and a
    maximum recording time can be set. Teachers can also allow students to record replies to
    classmates’ responses.
  4. There are a variety of moderation features teachers can turn on or off
    per topic. The CoPilot feature allows more than one teacher to be a grid moderator. Teachers
    have access to a help center and active teachers communities.
  5. Search from Discovery for topic templates or ideas. You don’t have to start from scratch as there are hundreds of ready-made topic for you to apply. Just find a topic, add it to your Group, and start your discussion!
  6. GridPals for connecting with educators and classrooms around the world.
  7. Mixtapes to create collections of videos from any of your Topics. Great for showcasing exceptional presentation or ideas.
  8. Shorts allow you to record videos (up yo 10 minutes), capture your screen, and easily share your ideas with anyone at any time! Great for a fun and easy instructional video!
  9. Newscasting project using News Report frame.
  10. Use whiteboard and ink to explain answers.
  11. Create simple Stop Animation made entirely with Flipgrid. This is made possible with the sticker effect and the ability to upload your own png or jpeg images as stickers.
  12. Flipgrid Choice Board template for English.



Flipgrid is a dynamic and innovative learning platform that listens closely to the need of teachers everywhere, making it one of the most valuable tools available out there. Teachers as well as students rave about it and look forward to displaying their creativity and learning through Flipgrid. Flipgrid is coming up with some very exciting updates this month; the ability to add backdrop and sound! Do check out these features when they’re made available to everyone. Can’t wait to see what magic we can create with these features to enhance our teaching and learning experience. Happy Flipgridding!

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